Westchester’s Family-Friendly EatsOnce upon a time, in the land of Westchester, there was a magical world of delicious food and friendly restaurants, perfect for families of all shapes and sizes. Let’s take a journey through this enchanting land, where cozy cafes and lively diners welcome kids and parents alike, serving up tasty treats and delightful meals.

The Horse & Hound Inn

Our first stop on this adventure is The Horse & Hound Inn, a charming restaurant nestled in the village of South Salem. Step inside, and you’ll find a cozy room with wooden beams and a warm fireplace, making it feel like a snug cottage from a fairy tale. The menu offers hearty dishes like chicken pot pie and yummy pasta. Kids have their own special menu, with gooey mac and cheese and mini burgers, making it feel like a feast fit for little kings and queens. The Horse & Hound Inn is a wonderful place to gather around the table and share a comforting meal together.

Crabtree’s Kittle House

Next, we venture to the enchanted village of Chappaqua, where Crabtree’s Kittle House awaits. This elegant establishment offers a dining experience that’s both fancy and friendly, with its white tablecloths and soft lighting, making it feel like a royal banquet. The menu includes seasonal dishes like seafood and locally sourced meats, and families can enjoy the Sunday brunch buffet, offering made-to-order omelets, pastries, and colorful salads. Crabtree’s Kittle House blends sophistication with a welcoming atmosphere, making it a delightful place for all.

The Pamplemousse Project – White Plains

In the bustling town of White Plains, The Pamplemousse Project brings joy to families in a cheery coffee shop. The spot’s mission to donate all profits to charity makes every sip of ethically sourced coffee and tea even sweeter. Kids can rush to the wall of candy, and eagle-eyed visitors might spot chocolates in the display case. The Pamplemousse Project’s friendly vibe and charitable mission make it a joyful place to visit with the family.

Louie & Johnnie’s – Yonkers

In the vibrant town of Yonkers, Louie & Johnnie’s provides a lively Italian dining experience that makes kids feel like they’re dining in a fancy trattoria. The children’s menu offers kid-sized portions of Italian classics like pasta and pizza, making it a hit for families seeking an authentic Italian meal in a welcoming setting.

A Happy Ending: Dining Together

And so, our journey through the magical land of Westchester ends, but the adventure continues. From cozy inns to lively diners and everything in between, Westchester’s family-friendly dining scene offers diverse options, serving up delicious meals and welcoming atmospheres for all. So, gather your family, choose a restaurant, and enjoy a fun, memorable meal that caters to all ages.




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